Upcoming Trips

I've got 2 huge trips planned this year that I'll be documenting for the blog!

In June 2015 my wife Vanessa and I will be on a mini tour of America's West Coast.  I'm playing 4 gigs along the way as we visit Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and San Diego.  I've have performed in these great cities before, the pictures can be viewed here on the blog, however Vanessa has only been to Los Angeles and San Diego, this trip fulfills her long held desire to see San Francisco and Seattle.  Vanessa and I both love the West Coast, so i'm excited that she is finally getting to see more of it.  Seeing her connect with something that I have connected with in the past, helps me to see it from a different perspective.

In November we are returning to Asia!!!  Out 2013 trip was so special to us, so difficult to actually leave, that I knew it would not be long until we returned.  This time we return to Chiang Mai and Bangkok in Thailand, and are seeing Vietnam for the first time with a week in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.  Lastly, we are spending 8 hours in Tokyo!  Japan has always been a dream for us, and although we only have a few hours, it will be a good first look at a place we know we will return to. 

We are really excited to see new places and experience lots of new foods!  If you have any suggestions for places to eat, or things to see while on the road please let me know in the comments section below!

Lastly, I've put together a 10 minute video about my recent trip to the Dominican Republic. It will be set to some music I wrote and will be on my Youtube channel in the next month.

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Here are a few recent pictures from the Queens Museum and Flushing Meadows Park.